Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crane Revisited

rope details added
beveling and smoothing wheels
revisited crane (added details, smoothing, beveling, etc.)

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  1. Hey Samantha,
    Looks like the cones that hold the claws could use "hard vertex normals"...

    to see normals:

    1) Click on the claw holder
    2) Display-> polygons->vertex normals

    to make them "hard"

    1) Polygons menu
    2) select the very bottom edge of claw holder
    3) Normals -> Harden Edge.

    the edge of the claw holder should now look hard, not so "fuzzy".

    Areas that in my opinion could use improvement:
    1) Sphere out of which the arms portrude. I feel like your model is pretty precise but that sphere is a little confusing.
    2) same with the sphere out of which the ropes come out.. maybe can have a hole?
    3) Making the wheels spin in the right direction..

    3) rigging up the ropes:
    Will try to show you this in-class its a little tricky.