Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crane in the Scene

crane in the scene. I added a floor and windows to my area. Also added a balcony so the crane/people don't fall off the side. The crane is a "personal crane" and moves back and forth on the floor to assist people living there


  1. Cool, Sam
    the scales look good.

    (if anything maybe the railing could be less "safe" (lower) -- seems like it's up to the guy's neck in 2nd image.. (He's relatively tall).. but your call).

    The transparent part of railing should be a separate mesh, if its not already.. looks like you might have a transparent material assignment for just some faces.. Maya will behave better if its a separate piece..
    Imagine how that's built.. a Metal concrete frame with an inset piece of glass..

    Also looks like can see right into the floor.. in the last image..

  2. oh.. Can you throw in an image from the construction camera? Would give more perspective in the "big picture"..

    thanks.. great job