Tuesday, November 15, 2011

head continued

Added eyelids and I modeled the ears (they aren't attached yet)
Will begin hair and body modeling next. Still want to fix around the nose and eyes a bit. Also need to add eyebrows, do you suggest building them separately and placing them on the model or building them off of the head? Also, do you know any good tutorials for modeling hair?

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  1. Great! starting to get a sense of the character.

    Eyebrows depend on the style again. I think texture might be fine here... Id keep going to do other stuff.

    One thing about the face.. For the default model
    probably better to get the mouth closed and also to have a more neutral expression.

    Because you're going to use this first model to create blend shapes, if you keep the smile in there and the open mouth, you will have to get rid of those elements for every blend shape target where you dont want them. (Like serious expression etc.).. Unless your character will be open mouthed and smiling like all of the time, you probably want to keep the default model as "neutral" as possible. (Check out Joan of Arc)..

    Hair.. I think the way hair is modeled in Joan of Arc Tutorial, with polygons, will work fine for your character.. Unless you need your hair to do something specific/dynamic, Id stick with that.